Akira: Actors Short-Listed for Tetsuo

'Akira' Eyes Ezra Miller, Alden Ehrenreich For Tetsuo

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Now that Akira has been greenlit, news of its development is coming out at a steady pace. Garrett Hedlund is reportedly the man to play Kaneda, and now we're hearing word on who could star as his best pal, Tetsuo.

THR has identifies Ezra Miller ("We Need to Talk About Kevin," "The Perks of Being a Wallflower") and Alden Ehrenreich ("Tetro," "Stoker") as the names popping up most frequently in connection to Tetsuo, Kaneda best friend who will, without giving any spoilers way, become the driving force behind most of the action.

Miller has been getting rave reviews as the troubled teenager that spearheads a high school killing spree in "We Need to Talk About Kevin". Some argue that he can channel that energy for the role of Tetsuo, but we need to like Tetsuo - before we are frightened by him.

Ehrenreich, meanwhile, is a Steven Spielberg discovery who is already a veteran of two Francis Ford Coppola pictures and has a starring role in Park Chan-wook's "Stoker" coming up. He was also a lead candidate for "The Amazing Spider-Man" before losing out to Andrew Garfield, so even if it's not going to happen for him with "Akira," Ehrenreich's star is clearly on the rise.

There's a significant age difference between Hedlund and both Miller and Ehrenreich — the "Tron" star is eight and six years older than both actors, respectively — which looks to be explained by the fact that the live-action "Akira" posits Kaneda and Tetsuo as siblings, not just best friends, according to THR's description of Hedlund's character as "the teen's older brother."

Consider this just another line item on the long list of departures between the "Akira" source material and the upcoming westernized adaptation....

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