Amazing Crysis 2 Intro

Fire up Crysis 2 and get treated.

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It’s 2023, terrifying alien invaders stalk the New York City streets. Only you can prevail, wielding the supersoldier enhancements of Nanosuit 2. BE STRONG – Take on multiple enemies with Armor mode, mince them with heavy weapons or squash them by kicking cars. BE FAST – Get to the action quickly, then powerjump, ledgegrab and slide round the environment with amazing agility. BE INVISIBLE – Use Stealth mode to set traps or hit and run your enemies, or snipe from a concealed position. BE THE WEAPON – With the Nanosuit, you choose how you want to play.

Most people just skip the intro video in the beginning of a game - let's be honest we all just spam the start/A/X button until we're greeted with a shiny UI that's called the Menu. But by now you must've watched the video posted above. Evidently a nanosuit turns you into a badass!!

With the graphics engine in Crysis 2, it is clear that other developers need to step up in order to compete - like THQ's Homefront. The technology is out there and it's been there for a while now. All I am waiting for now is Call of Duty with Crysis 2 graphics and Battlefield 3 physics - that will be make me happy.

Crysis 2 is showing the world how a stellar graphics engine can fully immerse a player into a game, bridging the gap between reality and fantasy. All developers need to invest time on making polished products, otherwise it's in the bargain bin within a month. Then again, this maybe easier said then done what with the general inefficiencies in management and poor fiscal incentives to develop a good game by way of R & D tax credits (looking at you U.K)

Crysis 2 is being developed by Crytek, published by EA and is set for release on March 22nd, 2011 on the PC, XBOX360 and PS3.

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