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So it's finally out...

Written by Emkayu
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To follow up from Eurogamer Expo 2011, I finally got to play the new Counter-Strike. Let me tell you straight away, it’s a lot of fun! You play a casual mode (lotsa monies) on either Dust or Dust 2 from what I’ve played. As with my playtime at the expo, the game feels very different from 1.6 or Source but still retains a very distinct flavour which is definitively Counter Strike non the less.

There are only a few weapons to buy, the AK, M4, Glock, P2000 (replaces the USP) and the AWP just to name a few. There are a few more but nothing too different from what you have in Source and 1.6. The big change for me however is the gunplay. The accuracy and recoil models are completely different to that of 1.6 and Source and it clearly shows. The accuracy of guns while moving is terrible, so it forces you to actually stop and shoot, more tapping and burst fire than the usual spray and pray of Call of duty, which I like.

You’ll also find a couple of new toys, namely the decoy grenade and molotov cocktail. The former is essentially a device that pops off the sounds of your current gun, acting as well a decoy. The molotov is actually the more useful of the 2, it’s an AoE (area of effect) type weapon that spreads flames. Step in it’s AoE and you’ll be slowed down and take damage per second. This is the new counter rush tactic as it halts an enemy to a slow grind.

The mini map has a few tweaks as well, it often has little question marks, highlighting where enemy shots are coming from or where your team mates saw them last, and red spots indicating exactly where your enemies are if your team mates or you can see them. The decoy grenade is seen on the mini map as a red spot, as if the enemy is definitely there.

There are a few problems with bugs such as the menu music sometimes popping over your intense round or graphical glitches. Then again this is a beta or alpha or whatever and will be improving right till the game actually launches. Also the chat text is often very difficult to read because of transparency and the new crosshair is terrible, but fortunately there’s an option in game settings to switch to the classic 4 pronged green crosshair of Counter-Strike old.

Overall I’d say that this game is shaping up to be an amazingly playable game that will hopefully unite the 1.6 and source communities in the world of eSports again, allowing for larger tournaments and more prize money. If you have a key, definitely give it a try!

Mehraj Ahmed

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