Donald Trump gets served!

Seth Meyers roasts President Obama, Trump and others at the 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner

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Yesterday saw the the 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner, an event formed in 1914 to serve as a liaison between the press and the president, and the dinner is often attended by big name celebrities and politicians alike. And the bastard child of the two - Donald Trump - was in attendance.

It is tradition for the President to make a speech and for a comedian who then comes on to roast the president and the political establishment. This year saw Seth Meyers, writer of Saturday Night Live, who was simply brilliant. But this time it was more of a Donald Trump/birther roast. With Obama releasing his birth certificate this week, this was an excellent opportunity to mock Trump. Both Obama and Meyers didn't miss a step in mocking Trump and the birther movement together, making the roast more like a spit roast.

But they didn't just stop there! Obama joked about Matt Damon, and the controversy surrounding the First Lady's admirable attempt to encourage children to eat healthy. Meyers roasted the President for not living up to our expectations after the promises he made during the 2008 election; the ridiculous candidates for the Republican nomination; MSNC and even Goldman Sachs!

Clips for Obama's speech and Seth Meyers are below. Be sure to notice Donald Trum seething as he is repeatedly KO'd!

Obama Speech

Seth Meyers Speech

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