Countdown Ends To Reveal A Modern Warfare Fan Film Trailer

The countdown has ended and there is no MW3 announcement, yet we are not disappointed!

Written by Technique
Published about over 6 years ago. Filed Under: Games

The Modern Warfare series is a firm favourite with many gamers and here at HeavyEggs we are no exception. The franchise delivered a level of immersion that few games manage to master, It makes you feel for your AI comrades as if you were part of the pack. This is a major difference between the series and your normal FPS, unlike most games, you play MW through many different propectives and you don’t lead the pack. Due to this MW delivered emotions that felt almost alien in a FPS, as a result the experience is one that has leaves you tainted with memories of epic battles you fought and friends you lost along the way.

To transfer these qualities into a movie would be a difficult task but could it be achieved? Well the trailer by creative director Jeff Chan left us scrambling for our pads. The project is self-funded and created out of love for the game, so be sure to check it out.

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