How to make Machinima - the hard way. Episode 1

Follow the HeavyEggs Team through the process of making our very own Machinima and showing everyone how it's done!

Written by Starbuzz
Published about about 1 year ago. Filed Under: Breaking Eggs

Welcome to the first edition of our guide to making Machinima. This video will give you an insight on how to start planning and how you should brainstorm ideas for your plot. We will also talk you through our experiences so you can learn from them.

Quick Tips:

Use Trello to keep your team organised, you can use this site to view agendas and a group To-Do lists.

Google Docs is a great way to work on your bank of ideas and eventually your script. You and your team can edit it from wherever you are and the updates will appear in real time.

Jibran Ahmed

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