Interview: Blade Runner Producers on their plans for the movie

The producers state their intentions for the film, including their desire to get Christopher Nolan on board!

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Fans of the cult favourite Blade Runner were planted in front of their screens yesterday when news of another Blade runner movie hit the web-o-sphere. People were unsure on whether it would be a reboot, a sequel or even a prequel.

Well, the guys at io9 managed to get an interview with the Producers of the new film, Andrew Kosove, Broderick Johnson and Bud Yorkin, to see what they had to say. We found the following interesting!

On whether this will be a sequel or a prequel

Kosove: We don't know, we just don't know yet. When we know, we'll let you know. We don't know yet it's too early. The only way to answer that is to say that we will have a process where we will hear hear different ideas from writers or from potential directors who we will bring in, in combination with the writers, before determining. We could be open to either a prequel or a sequel.

Johnson: It's one of our favorite films, and we thought that the universe that has been created here is one that's full of ideas and possibilities. We're intellectually fascinated and ready to explore the themes that the movie invokes and the underlying material. At the end of the day those are the things that make great movies. Those and characters, it's an opportunity of a life time to try and explore this further.

What stories they could explore in the Blade runner Universe, and how replicants fit in

Kosove: That's an interesting question. I think for us, one of the things that made this so timely is the fact that we're all living, and we're kind of blessed to live in, what is essentially the industrial revolution age for technology. And it's changing at such a rapid pace. Because of that, and because of the fact that Philip K. Dick is quite brilliant at imagining a world that maybe doesn't exist but is very quickly getting here. There are opportunities to think about either what our world will be like in our almost immediate near future. Or to think about what the world is after Blade Runner, because we have things that have come into our being, things that are a part of our consciousness now that we couldn't have imaged many years ago.

I was in the Dallas airport a couple weeks ago, and there was a robot who was going through the airport cleaning. But it was also having conversations with people that were fluid conversations. It was quite extraordinary, and at that point I knew that we were on the verge of getting involved with this [Blade Runner film], and I thought about how fast the world is advancing and how possible Philip K. Dick's ideas were, and how much material was there to mine for the project, either the prequel or sequel.

Kosove:...the Pentagon is exploring all kinds of ways to engage in combat, without having to use actual human beings. You see it with the use of drones. The logical extension of that is exactly the world that Philip K. Dick imagined, which is coming to a point where something that was not human is being charged to do tasks that we don't want human beings to do. And what if there was a degree of humanity in these "people," and how would they respond? ...There's a wealth of material just mentioned casually when they introduce the Replicants — "Oh, she's a pleasure model, he's a combat droid." It's wide open.

Bud Yorkin: We are going to have Replicants, obviously. That's part of what we started with originally. We're certainly going to have Replicants involved. By the way, Replicants can be any number of ways, and involved in the way humans work and live. Replicants will be different in the end somewhere.

Kosove: I think that there's a unique aspect of Blade Runner, and it is absolutely right to be re-addressed now at this time in human history. That is the concept of what it means to be a human being. What does it mean to be human, to have empathy, to have feelings? That fundamental concept, given the Blade Runner lore and what an iconic property it is, for us, an irresistible intellectual exercise to see if we can figure out what would be an immediate pre-chapter or a following chapter to Blade Runner. And that's why we've thrown our hat into the ring and we're blessed to be in business with them and Bud.

On whether they have reached out to Ridely Scott?

Kosove: The answer to that question is as follows. I'm going to answer it very briefly — we won't say if we've reached out to Ridley Scott or not, but what we will say is that Ridley Scott's blessing to what we're doing is very important to Alcon. It's important to Bud [Yorkin], and certainly we have the greatest degree of respect to him as a filmmaker. He's one of the greatest living directors and one of the greatest directors of all time. So of course he's very important.

On who else they have their eye on to direct and/or write

Kosove: Yeah our friend Chris Nolan who we did Insomnia [with] would be in the pie in the sky for us....I think the methodology that Chris Nolan brought to Batman is precisely what we aspire to whomever the filmmaker is, whether Ridley comes back and joins us or it's someone else. It's precisely what we aspire to with Blade Runner, that's the template for us.

Sounds promising! If Chris Nolan does decide to take the wheel, then this would surely give the sequel/prequel enough credibility for all of the fans of the original (including us).

Stay tuned!

For the full interview, click here

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