"Terminator 5" to Shoot in a Year

but without Justin Lin

Written by ronin
Published about over 5 years ago. Filed Under: Movies

Deadline has learned that Arnold Schwarzenegger and "Terminator" rights owner Megan Ellison are planning to shoot two "Terminator" films and are aiming to place the first one into production in the fourth quarter of 2012.

The decision forced director Justin Lin (Fast Five) to drop out, despite being involved with the project for many months. Lin will be busy directing the sixth "Fast and the Furious" installment, but is willing to helm "The Terminator" films if Schwarzenegger and Ellison can push production start date until he becomes available.

At this point, it may be difficult to get the film into production by the end of 2012, since there is still no screenwriter on board and no studio partner. James Cameron, however, has been involved in crafting the story. It's still unclear whether he'll decide to executive produce, or dare I say it....Direct the films?! Oh my lord I feel a tingle!

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