Why Nathan Fillion Should not play Nathan Drake

As much as we want to see Captain Mal Reynolds again, Nathan Fillion may not be the wisest choice for Nathan Drake...

Written by ronin
Published about over 6 years ago. Filed Under: Breaking Eggs

Last week it was announced that Mark Wahlberg will be playing Nathan Drake in the adaptation of the hit video game Uncharted. Many were confused at the choice as Nathan Fillion was a a fan favourite to play the role thanks to his portrayal of Captain Mal Reynolds in Firefly.

Many have been vocal about this, and some have even started a petition in favour of Nathan Fillion. Nathan Drake's character is in many ways similar to captain Malcom Reynolds, and in fact it is rumoured that Nathan Drake was based on Captain Mal Reynolds. Check out this video comparing the two!

Nathan Drake, is a witty, arrogant and charming anti-hero. A type Mark Wahlberg has never played. Therefore, you can understand the frustration that Nathan Fillion was not chosen for the role. However, this may be a good thing.

I am a huge fan of Firefly, and a bigger fan of Nathan Fillion. In fact, I have watched some films solely due to the fact that Nathan Fillion was in them, such as The Waitress. His role as Captain Mal Reynolds is iconic and revered by all, but it is because of this very reason that he should not also play Nathan Drake.

Captain Mal Reynolds and Nathan Drake are not similar but identical characters. If Nathan Fillion was chosen for the role of Nathan Drake it would ironically have a detrimental effect on the movie. It would distract the audience from the film, as they won't see Nathan Drake, they will see Captain Mal Reynolds. Rather than absorb you into the movie experience, the audience will think about Captain Mal Reynolds or Firefly; anything but the movie and the characters itself. Essentially there will be a disconnect between the movie and the audience.

It doesn't matter how much we all want to see Captain Mal Reynolds again. Nathan Drake should be a separate entity, not an extension of Mal Reynolds. This is not possible if the same actor is used for both roles.

Nevertheless, as stated in the previous article I am not convinced that Mark Wahlberg is the right choice for the role, but he is a great actor, and David O. Russell is a great director. I just hope that Hollywood can finally deliver a good adaptation of a video game, and that we will soon see Nathan Fillion as as lead in a major motion picture (Hopefully as Ant-Man...f**k Adrien Brody)

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