Man I hope this is true!

Vin Diesel is in talks to star but what about Arnie?

What will Cillian Murphy's role be and does Flynn live?....

Does race matter?

Arnold Schwarzenegger announced today that he is considering 15 movies, including Terminator and Predator!

Hilarious parody!

The producers state their intentions for the film, including their desire to get Christopher Nolan on board!

Is it real good or real bad?

An extra clip for the anticipated sequel has been released

The next movie will also have an iconic cameo!

Awesome trailer for the thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal (and Russell Peters)

Rosario Dawson playing it cool....

The first trailer is now online for the upcoming alien invasion movie, Battle: Los Angeles. Film is directed by Jonathan Liebesman and stars Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez. Check it out!

With the film set for release in a few weeks, a new trailer has been released

Roland Emmerich’s micro-budget alien invasion movie The Zone has been shut down just a week before it was set to go in front of cameras.